Workshop: What makes you the gift?

This workshop will be a rare treat in Nuremberg as it will be co-led by three internationally trained and seasoned Coaches from the UK, Spain and Germany. Please join us without worrying about the language and be assured your level of English will be more than enough.

We specialize in working in mixed groups with all levels of English speakers and our program is based on experiential exercises so you deepen your learning.

This seminar is an experiential exploration of YOU.  Discover what makes you the gift to the world and  become more aware of your own uniqueness,  learn to tend to your needs in a loving way.

We designed this seminar carefully tapping into our huge joint experience and placed it deliberately before the holidays and at the end of the year.  We are really happy to meet again and we know the three of us in one place at the same time is very special – to share our joy we offer our workshop for a fee which will cover our cost – our co-creation is the gift from us to you.

Curious? Give yourself a special gift. Click here:

What makes you the gift – pdf